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We're a small and thoroughly independent London PR agency that generates mass publicity where others fail. Whatever the task and however challenging, we guarantee exceptional results.


100% satisfaction, 100% protection. Our PR guarantee gives you complete peace of mind all of the time. Here's how it works:

01 Transparency

We’re one of the few UK PR agencies to guarantee the results of its work. That’s because we never promise what we can’t deliver and never accept a brief we can't fulfill.

02 Confidence

We create and place great content in the media every day. If what we've produced doesn't achieve publicity (which would be a first), we'll do it again - or again - or again - until it does. All for free and at no further cost to you.

03 Trust

However improbable, there could be a time - one day - when our content misses the mark. If and when it does, you'll receive your money back.

/ Fluff is for belly buttons not public relations, darling.

Our publicists are former national news reporters and lifestyle feature journalists with a practical working knowledge of the British and international media. Thankfully they don't speak buzzword, they won't dine out on your dime, and they are most definitely, most assuredly, unfluffy. We are:

Dena Cook


Anthony Harvison


Kim Willis


Gwynneth Rees


Matt Pettit


Nicky Rutherford


Jon Kirk


Katie Cooksey


Lucy Bryson



Our clients are so happy with our work that they have kindly offered to share their experiences. Here's what they have to say.

Palamedes PR generated national, lifestyle and regional exposure for our book of ‘light-hearted’ real-life cancer anecdotes, Might Make You Smile, spreading the important message that cancer does not mean the end of the world. We would recommend the agency to other publishers without hesitation.”

James Shaw, Director – Matthew James Publishing

Matthew James Publishing

Matthew James Publishing

Hyper Chariot

Hyper Chariot

Palamedes PR generated huge national and international exposure for Hyper Chariot and brought our company, and the promise of 4,000mph transport, into the public’s consciousness. Their expertise and dedication to clients makes the agency a perfect choice for new business start-ups.”

Nick and Joanna Garzilli, co-founders of Hyper Chariot

Palamedes PR always delivers. I’ve used them for each release so far and will continue to seek their support for every new publication”

David Jester, author of An Idiot In Marriage

David Jester

David Jester

Straightforward Publishing

Straightforward Publishing

“Thanks to Palamedes PR we received national media exposure as well as attention in the legal media sector. I would recommend them to any non-fiction publisher or author for their professionalism and dedication.”

Roger Sproston, Managing Director – Staightforward Publishing

“I reviewed numerous PR consultants, both in the UK and US, prior to engaging Palamedes to promote a new edition of my book An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles: Campfire Conversations with Alfred Russel Wallace. I chose Palamedes because of positive client endorsements and their contractual pledge to achieve certain goals. Palamedes exceeded my expectations.  They were thorough, conscientious, professional and always available to answer my questions and respond to my suggestions. They generated media coverage in major UK and international publications and broadcast media. I strongly recommend Palamedes to serious writers who want to generate visibility for their books.”

Paul Spencer Sochaczewski, author of An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles, Redheads, Share Your Journey, Curious Encounters of the Human Kind.

Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

Julie Hodgson

Julie Hodgson

“I greatly appreciated Palamedes’s strategic advice, deep understanding of the media, and transparency. Like me, the consultancy’s expert team love books and pull out all the stops to deliver great exposure for their clients.””

Julie Hodgson, award-winning author of ‘Jodie and the Library Card’ – May 2017

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